MXO Tech Newsletter

October 2009

Wouldn't it be nice if you could update your website seamlessly, when you need to, without depending on a designer or web developer? MXOtech took some time to speak with Amy Knittel, one half of the team behind Tasty CMS, a website management company that provides the backend services to let you do just that.

What’s the philosophy behind Tasty CMS? How did you come up with the concept and who are you trying to reach?

Basically, we wanted to give everyone, especially small businesses and startups, the opportunity to have a functional website that could easily be updated without hiring a costly web developer. Through Tasty CMS, regular, everyday people can upload photos to their website, update text, add formatted links and HTML coding, pull in existing content from other modules, incorporate Google analytics and more. We provide all of these services, plus affordable hosting and website design, so that a “mom and pop” shop can have a site that’s as professional and up-to-date as any corporation.

What makes Tasty CMS different from other content management systems?

We’re different for A LOT of reasons! Other website management services claim to be user friendly, but you need coding or development experience to get the most out of each system. Tasty CMS actually IS user friendly. We’re a very small, hands on team, so if users have questions, we’re there to support and guide them every step of the way. We also offer a slew of additional features that are included for free, like unlimited web pages, the ability for multiple CMS users, document uploading, site search and much more! Lastly, since Tasty CMS was developed by a photographer and web developer, (myself and my husband) it’s not just ideal for everyday people, it can also handle the complex needs of those who are experienced with XHTML and CSS.

Do you offer website management packages at different price levels? If so, what are they?

Right now we offer two different packages, the Basic and the Popular. These packages range from $30-60/month and include everything from website hosting to multiple admin access, to our simple website design package.

How would you describe Tasty CMS in exactly three adjectives?
Creative, Friendly, Accessible