Text Module

What is a text module?

A text module allows you to type as much or as little text as you would like. This allows your website to always have up to date accurate information.

Websites should be seen as an important tool that represents who you are as a business. And as a business, it is essential to have current information on your website. How do you think it looks if a client visits your website and sees that the copyright date is 2006? This tells the viewer that the information on your website has not been updated or changed for 2 years! This could send a negative message to your potential clients or customers.

In today's economy, prices can fluctuate month to month, even day by day. Lets take a look at gas prices for example. The cost of a barrel of gas literally changes day by day. Would you want to go to a website where the incorrect price is listed? How about reading about a product or service that no longer exists? On the flip side, do you want to be constricted to the prices or services listed on your website?

Why is text important?

Sufficient content is needed in order for search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask.com, etc. to find and index your website. Search engines cannot read images, only text. Without valid text on your website, search engines are highly unlikely to find you.