Tasty CMS is...

Tasty CMS is a simple content management system based in Campbell, California and Chicago, Illinois. If you are looking for a way to easily manage your own website without having to contact someone else every time you need content changed on your website, then you've found the right solution.

The CMS that we use is a custom website management system that Ed Knittel developed to make it very easy to manage websites. Ed feels that a lot of the systems out there provide way too many features that most websites don't need which ultimately make learning and using the CMS more complicated than it needs to be.

A key feature that Tasty CMS provides is Modules which you can learn more about below.

Amy Nadelen, Tribe Wellness, Inc.

Amy Nadelen, Tribe Wellness, Inc.

Using my CMS for the first time today to design my website & upload my content. This is fun! And SO easy, too!


What is a Module?

A Module is a form, created on the back end, that provides the ability to add a consistent layout for repeatable content.

Included Modules

You're not restricted to just adding text to your website. We also include a few important modules to help you get the most out of your website. When you sign up for Tasty CMS we include the following modules:

  • Google Map Module - easily integrate a Google Map into your website.
  • Links Module - easily add a formatted list of links to your website.
  • Module Sucker - pull in existing content from another module without having to duplicate your entry. If you change the original module the sucker module will update automatically.
  • Photo Gallery Module - easily organize and display your new photographs in a really cool slide show.
  • Sitemap Module - display a dynamic sitemap on any page of your website.
  • Text Module - add and edit relevant content.
  • Video Module - easily include any video from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • HTML Module - paste specific HTML, JavaScript and CSS code into your site so you can integrate third-party content into your site such as Twitter Feeds, Facebook Badges, or Google widgets.

We can also make custom modules that are specific to your business needs. Whether they be for staff, news, or events these modules will fit right in with your website's design.

Additional features at no extra cost:

Tasty CMS includes:

  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Multiple CMS Users
  • Ready for SEO
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Document Uploading: PDF & Microsoft Office
  • Email Page Capability & One-click Print
  • Site Search
  • Web Traffic Analytics (Google Analytics)

Please click here to learn more about our Additional Features.

Jonas Sickler, Jonas Illustration

Jonas Sickler, Jonas Illustration

Sometimes something works so effortlessly and intuitively that you take it for granted, and sometimes you even forget it is there. Apple products fit this description, but so does Tasty CMS. I am always amazed at how simple it is to do anything that I want on my website. Thanks for the best CMS out there, and service to match!