Built for Designers

Tasty CMS is ideal for people who don't know anything about website design or development. It just so happens to also be perfect for web designers and developers. So whether you know a little or a lot about XHTML and CSS you'll be able to use Tasty CMS for all of your website management needs.

Off the top, Tasty CMS is a templated, website management system. That is to say that the HTML structure for every page on the site is exactly the same. Rather than changing the skeletal structure of the site (the HTML) we focus instead on using CSS to layout and position elements in interesting and unique ways for our clients. We include a number of modules which when added to a page create consistent, structured content - such as a photo gallery. To enhance a client's site we will often make a recommendation to add custom developed modules particularly for content that has a repetitive layout - like staff profiles. The modules, custom or otherwise, are what create the content on a page. When clients log in to their site they can add and edit these modules and they can literally drag the modules up and down on a page to reorder the content. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for businesses and people to manage the content on their website.

Option A: Tell us what you like and we'll do it for you.

If you prefer to spend more time designing and less time coding, just send us the Photoshop file and we will do the rest. There will be a one time additional fee which is based off the complexity of the design. At the same time we'll train you on how to use Tasty CMS to add and edit your own web pages so you can start adding content to your new website from day one.

Lidia Varesco, Lidia Varesco Design

Lidia Varesco, Lidia Varesco Design

Working with Amy and Ed from Tasty CMS was a wonderful experience!

I had been in the midst of trying to revamp my website when I met Amy at a networking event. I was thrilled to find out that their company had a solution to my website problems: I could design the look of my website, while they would handle the technical details to create a website that I could easily and regularly update.

Working closely with me, Tasty CMS took my design and creative vision and expertly executed it into a user-friendly website. They also offered useful suggestions and feedback along the way, communicating regularly to keep the project moving. I'm thrilled with how my website turned out and have received many compliments from clients and friends.

Jonas Sickler, Jonas Illustration

Jonas Sickler, Jonas Illustration

The culmination of the year is my Website. It has been tons of work designing, redesigning, and re-redesigning, but thanks to Ed and Amy Knittel of Tasty CMS, the site looks gorgeous. I don’t know anything about HTML, and I am still able to update my own Website any time I want in seconds.

I highly recommend Tasty CMS to anyone who needs a Website, but it is essential for Illustrators to have a site that can be updated constantly. Not only is the software fast and easy to use, but it makes maintaining your website fun! Ed and Amy work tirelessly to make it all happen at the speed of light. They truly offer blue chip customer care.

Option B: We give you all the keys so you can do the work.

Don't dismiss this statement. A lot of people like to be in control especially if they design and build their own websites. If you're one of those people we'll set up your account, give you a quick training and then send you your FTP info. The rest, as they say, is up to you. Upload your own images and monkey with the CSS til your heart's content.

Be forewarned: Tasty CMS is not for designers who like to work with content management systems that make you know PHP, ASP, Ruby, ASP.Net, PERL - and so on. In fact you'll never touch any server side code. If that's what you want to do then there are a lot of alternatives out there. Tasty CMS is for designers who want to design websites.