Additional Features

 Tasty CMS includes at no extra cost:

Multiple User Accounts - Every account includes one Administrator Account and an unlimited number of editor accounts.

Standard Contact Form - 12 fields are included in the contact form. Please see our contact form for an example.

Document Uploading - Any type of file can be uploaded by you for your visitors to download. Files from Adobe Acrobat PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

Email Page Capability & One-click Print -  In the upper right hand corner, we allow viewers with one simple click to either email a page or simply print the page on paper. The page layout is properly set up so it prints nicely, never wasting any paper or ink.

Site Search - Let your visitors search all the content on your website.

Google Analytics - Every website is setup with Google Analytics so you can easily view, track, and assess the traffic on your website.